Quantum-hub is an industry and technology platform, designed to streamline your journey to commercialization. Our POC playground, coupled with expert guidance, supports you throughout the entire journey—from conceptualizing and designing the POC to its execution and eventual commercialization.

Quantum-hub connects you with a vast network of industry leaders in Automotive, Logistics, Industry 4.0 and Energy, speeding up your commercial success.

Our Partners


Gain visibility by tapping into a network of 300+ industrial partners in Israel and abroad

Test your technology with a POC customized to meet industry needs, with success criteria defined by our partners to open the door to strategic partnerships

Get the support you need from our experts in order to take your startup to the market

Join Quantum's ecosystem and attend our events designed to connect you with potential partners.

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We have an innovation playground – a uniquely diverse, interconnected range of industries to test these technologies, including Automotive, Logistics, Industry 4.0 and Energy. This interconnectedness creates synergy between domains, allowing us to solve problems that affect and benefit multiple industries simultaneously.


Quantum SPARK is a POC runway program designed to connect startups with our partners, in order to create successful POCs. As part of the selection process, startups are exposed to over 300 companies from a variety of industries. 
Through the program, startups gain access to decision-makers at the partners.


The Agile Track

The ongoing open-innovation process offers our partners continuous access to technology, leveraging knowledge and a consistent deal-flow to expedite innovation and explore new business opportunities. This approach involves gathering ideas and addressing specific challenges faced by our partners. It provides greater flexibility, accommodating longer processes or differing product levels, particularly when the launch of a new program is too far away, despite already established connections.

Quantum SPARK is a unique program that connects your startup with world-class corporations to develop business collaborations and expedite the commercialization process. Tailored to your specific needs, it is led by a dedicated tech-project team and provides access to local beta testing sites at our PoC playground and to cross-industry experts.

SPARK is geared towards MVP+ startups whose innovative technology and vision has the potential to shape the future. What’s more, operating on an equity-free basis, it lets you focus on what matters most- your startup’s growth and success. It is important to note that our selection criteria require concrete interest from our partners in a specific use-case, along with a designated champion and adequate resources to execute a PoC within a relatively short period of time.

Why should you apply?

At Quantum SPARK, you will have significant exposure and hands-on experience with your target industry. Quantum SPARK includes meetups, mentorship processes, and workshops that are fit to your needs and to your stage. Our unique value lies in our ability to connect you with your target industry. This program strives towards your product’s industry fit and success.  

During the program we design and conduct a PoC with at least one of our partners, with the goal of scaling to full business collaboration.


Program Overview

Filling out application form

Interviews & Due diligence

Screening committee

Identifying PoC use case

Welcome to the program!


The program is equity-free, and we are not taking any fees.

We are looking for innovative and promising companies in our industries.

Early-stage startups with a working product – at least in MVP or beta stage, dedicated team that is working full time in the company. In terms of TRL – We mostly work with companies that are TRL 5 and above.

Companies in different funding stages are welcome to apply, but the program aligns best with post-seed startups.

Our selection criteria require concrete interest from our partners in a specific use case, along with a designated champion and adequate resources to execute a PoC within a relatively short period of time.

Even if startups apply and don’t get selected, the application will be viewed by Quantum’s experts. Sometimes a solution may not align with our current needs, but it doesn’t imply that it won’t be suitable in the future. We encourage all applicants to consider reapplying in the following batch.

Yes, absolutely! If you have applied previously, we suggest you clearly outline what you have achieved since your last application so that we will be able to adequately assess the progress you’ve made.

To maximize the success of the program, accepted startups are expected to commit their best efforts to work with the program’s team and partners and to participate in all relevant sessions as will be determined at the beginning of the program with each startup.

Startups often go on to continue to work together beyond the program. the PoC execution might be longer than the program’s length, and also alumni might be relevant for other partners even after they finish the program. Startups that attend the program become part of the Alumni, which provides continued access to the Israeli ecosystem and for our partners.

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