John Doe | Technical writer | 27.04.2024

Actasys developed the ActaJet™ technology, a cost-effective electronically controlled system of small actuators that locally generates strong jets of air at the sensor location. ActaJet cleans and maintains the visual clarity of sensors and cameras, achieving safety, and enabling optimal operation of ADAS and autonomous vehicles.


Autonomous driving will become a significant part of our lives within the next few years- and introduce us to a new set of challenges.
In order to tackle these challenges and develop safe and efficient autonomous vehicles, it is crucial to address all the vehicle systems, starting with what makes a self-driving car- the sensors.

The situation:

Mobility and Automotive sectors are deploying technologies dependent on sensors to achieve their goals. Many of these sensors lose function when the sensor lens is dirty, threatening safety, optimal operation, and the massive investments to enable business goals. Cleaning sensors is not easy, as mechanical systems such as pumps and compressors are expensive, unreliable or difficult to integrate.


What we did:

Actasys provided several systems to test cleaning performance on various sensors, in different locations on the car.
Over 150 tests were done in a wide range of weather conditions in different speed Actasys provide several systems to test cleaning performance on various sensors (ADAS camera, Lidar); locations (Lidar either on roof or grille); driving scenarios (parking, urban and highway driving); and environmental conditions (rain, mud, road splatter, etc.).
This experiment is focused on urban, off road, pre driving and highway scenarios, testing the technology at various speeds, simulating different weather and light conditions.
During the PoC, we are checking the system’s efficiency in daytime and nighttime driving, using mud, rain, dust and road splatter on the Lidar.
Due to its length, the Masada runway is the perfect location for us to perform various tests in a controlled and safe environment.